Non Fiction

Engross yourself
in a collection of edgy,
unapologetic books.
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from a unique perspective,
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Finally, a book that tells it like it is

The book women will be afraid to read

Feminists will call it mansplaining and discard it

Most men will say they belong to the two percent that don’t cheat

The idiom, truth is stranger than fiction fits this book like a glove

Brad Deep always dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. One day, he heard Francis Ford Coppola say in a documentary film, “If an aspiring filmmaker wants to make a movie, he must do whatever it takes.” So, Brad hired some girls, opened a massage parlor, and hoped to raise enough funds to shoot his film. But the universe he stepped into rattled his perspective on relationships forever.

What he witnessed for the next three years revealed inconceivable secrets, concealed beneath an alluring veneer. He observed men from all walks of life, mostly married, revel in a life of deceit and debauchery. In this riveting true-to-life account, filled with accurate anecdotes, candid interviews, troubling surveys, and moments of riotous laughter, “Men are not from Mars, they are from Pluto” is an engrossing peer into the male libido’s darkest secrets. 

Even if you dislike this book, you can offer it as a gift to a person you despise, like your mother-in-law

Religion is fascinating! It’s the only business that convinces people to buy a product they’ve never seen

A book that vulgarizes a well-organized structure of deceit

Make no mistake. Religion is a business. In God we Thrust!

All you need to start your own religion is a charismatic leader, and some fudge packing pedophiles

Growing up Catholic, Brad Deep never understood why, in the first grade, he had to sit with a stranger in a white robe and confess to sins he never committed. If God was all mighty and all-seeing, why did he need an interpreter? In his second work of non-fiction, the author examines the pernicious influence of religion on the masses. He peeks under the regalia of these sanctimonious, self-appointed messengers of God to see what makes them tick.

In his unique vitriolic style, Deep rubs the underbelly of countless religions, finding more similarities than differences as he compiles his list of the best brands in the business. “What Religion is God” is a book that will make you understand why the late Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology once said, “The quickest way to make a million dollars, is to start your own religion”.

Includes a complete guide of the best brands in the business and a bonus chapter on how to create your own brand!