Become absorbed
in a page turning experience
with fiction that delivers
a rush of adrenaline
as if you are actually there.


Johnny Trombone wanted to change the world. He wanted to become rich without working a day in his life and get as many women as possible to jump in the sack with him, until he dropped dead! By the time he was twenty-four, he was married, poor and unhappy, but everything changed when his wife left him after he refused to go for Sunday lunch at her parents. Recently divorced, a new world of opportunities crossed his path. He opened a brothel, made tons of cash, and fucked like a rabbit. At twenty-eight, after a stint in jail, and a bankruptcy,

he was living the life of a rockstar on the salary of a roadie. That’s when he began making shady deals with sketchy bankers, wannabe entrepreneurs and unscrupulous loan sharks to maintain his flamboyant lifestyle. He was now in bed with kooks and crackpots instead of hot panting women.  Johnny unconsciously obliterated everything and everyone in his path who tried to help him, so he could nourish his uncompromising habits, until the day they compromised his life and all those around him.

In a cacopian future, following the market crash of 2056, the planet is a cesspool of conflicts. Closer to home, the province of Quebec amalgamated by the US after its declaration of Independence in 2050, sees all its Francophone residents placed on reserves. Children of French descent have their vocal cords "cut off" before they can speak. The government, on the brink of bankruptcy, controls drugs, alcohol, gambling, and prostitution. Any citizen caught defrauding the government is instantly sent to a work camp.

Prisons have been abolished and all criminals are immediately drafted to the most pressing conflict. Attempting to find short-term solutions for their financial fiasco, the Government has implemented a welcome tax for every newborn baby. A fugitive of French-Canadian descent, striving to increase his offspring in the hopes of liberating his people, owes millions to the government of unpaid taxes for impregnating dozens of females. He is tracked down by a special agent with a personal vendetta. His daughter was impregnated by him!