When mainstream writers stifle in political correctness, Brad Deep dares. His iconoclastic style distinguishes him with singular freshness and vibrancy. The author thrives on the exhilaration of writing to provoke. He isn’t afraid to punctuate his messages of societal injustice communicated through accurate observation and emotion with moments of riotous laughter.

Brad Deep loves to travel the world looking for new topics to explore and strongly believes in a borderless world. Some of his favorite places include Tropea, Locarno, Amsterdam, and Mars. Although he’s never been to Mars, he saw how beautiful it was on his way to earth from Pluto.

A healthy lifestyle for him means abstaining from smoking, drinking, and using drugs, and consuming as many healthy raw vegetables and fruits as possible. He remains active by cycling, working out, and masturbating at least three times per day. However, he does go on Nutella and ice cream binges occasionally.


“Although he’s never been to Mars, he saw how beautiful it was on his way to earth from Pluto.”

He is most productive when he’s alone, which is most of the time, and relishes talking to himself. He is most inspired when driving, daydreaming, or relaxing in bed after a five-finger solo.

He’s a big fan of musical theater (He’s writing the libretto to a musical) and becomes very emotional watching certain movies—such as “To Sir with Love,” the last scene of which evokes tears every time he sees it. He has always been a fan of dialogue-oriented films. Some of his favorites include “Do the Right Thing”, “Jungle Fever”, “Scarface” and “Glengarry Glenn Ross”.

He loves the cold Autumn breeze and jumping into a bed of fresh, cold linens with a fifteen hundred thread count. He abhors anything that crawls, including reptiles and insects, and his favorite dog breed is the Great Dane.

Regarding women, Brad is into natural beauty. Hence, he’s not crazy about dyed hair, Botox, collagen injections, and breast implants. When asked if he would ever live with another woman again, his answer is yes, but under three conditions. She would have to be beautiful; she would have to be intelligent, and he would have to be out of his mind.